A Woman’s Worth Group


This is an ongoing group whose primary focus is to explore how we can bring ourselves more fully into relationships. This group operates on the premise that awareness of self and others is fundamental to the development of healthy interpersonal interactions.

Within a group framework, we can gain tremendous insight into ourselves, our interpersonal style and its impact on others. We can enhance our understanding of what drives us and what holds us back in relationships. We can let go of unhealthy patterns of relationships and of things, such as judgement and shame, which can keep us from engaging in a healthy, connected way. We can safely explore ways to communicate openly and honestly, to manage interpersonal boundaries, and to understand our own personal power. We can learn to be fully present in relationships as we lay the foundation to authentically interact with others. The group will function as a model for honest, caring relationships by creating a safe interactive space to focus on issues of trust, forgiveness, self-worth, boundaries, separateness, hopelessness and anger. This change helps lead to happiness and success as you are better able to focus on your goals and dreams through a positive attitude.